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, bonnie. the outpouring response to the globalization of the economy is responsible. if it weren't for women's incomes, the american standard of living would have taken a nose-dive. >> i think it would be more accurate to say the break down of the family is the problem here and that contributes to cull cheurkt woes and other woes that go with it. >> it's a simple explaintion for a difficult problem. >> i don't think it's something that has been a phenomenal or occurring in the future. it's been going on for decades. >> it's been going on for decades but a couple of decades more women can't find men they want to be with permanently so they have kids on their own. and i don't know the percentages in this survey that we're discussing, but i would imagine a lot of those single parent families that they're talking about are not divorced women, are not widows but they are women that actually went out on their own and had children and i want to know what you all think the impact of that is on raising sons? >> you know, the notion of a vicious cycle is very important here. if men are not
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1